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How to Use Remote Visual Facilitation to Build Your Bridge Over the Crises


Advantary is pleased to be partnering with Territory to bring a new Subject Matter Expert to the CEO Roundtable Series on, Wednesday, July 22nd, to discuss How To Use Remote Visual Facilitation to Build Your Bridge Over the Crises.


This challenge is not going away soon. And how we work will not go back to the way it was before COVID. Hear how Territory, a creative design consultancy is partnering to help organizations manage strategy, innovation, planning, transformation, learning, and design a new way of working forward.

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Parker Lee

Founder and Managing Partner, Territory

Parker Lee is a veteran of the consulting, technology, entertainment and sports marketing industries. Prior to co-founding Territory, Parker founded the design consultancy, Compass52, and drove double-digit growth while delivering innovative design thinking engagements for global clients. Concurrently, Parker co-authored The Art of Opportunity, a practical guide to identifying, developing, and seizing growth opportunities.


Prior to Compass52, Parker served as president and executive vice president of business development at XPLANE, a global design consultancy. During his eight-year tenure, sales and marketing enjoyed significant annual growth.


Parker has been actively designing organizations for better performance since the 1970s. During the “dot com” era, Parker acted as vice president of business development for four pre-IPO technology companies. He also pioneered the use of social media, developing and implementing online marketing and communications for the California State Democratic Party during the 2004 election. 


Prior to breaking into the technology field, Parker enjoyed a varied career in the entertainment and sports industries. Notably, in the 1980s was director of entertainment and special events for Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and led the events division and served as agent for cycling star Greg LeMond while working for sports marketing pioneer, ProServ.

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Stephen Kuhn

Managing Partner, Advantary, LLC

Stephen Kuhn is an experienced business executive with 35+ years of experience in US, Europe, and Asia helping public, private, nonprofit, and start-up companies grow and achieve their objectives through board leadership and executive management, with emphasis on M&A, corporate finance, business development, strategic relationships, and technology.

Stephen currently serves as a Senior Advisor to several companies, including KOFA Public Affairs, a national public affairs and advocacy firm; International Solutions Network, a boutique capital markets consulting company; and as interim Executive Director of the nonprofit ONE Conservation Network. He is also a partner at Advantary, LLC.

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