Shmuel Silverman brings years of leadership experience in Telecommunications, IoT, Blockchain, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. 


As CEO and Founder of the Bay Area firm Multi-Innovation, he is an inventor first, with over 145 patents & provisional disclosures, and co-founded and sold successful companies. Leading advanced technology teams of researchers, developers, and marketers at two global icons, Silverman helped develop a proven process to identify, nurture and develop unique intellectual property. 


His work directly generated innovations and protected hundred of millions in profits, capturing long-term business, for companies such as Gooee, indie Semiconductor, EVRYTHING, and Axiado. Silverman is a strategic, trusted advisor to attorneys, M&A specialists, and entrepreneurial CEOs. 

He is also an in-demand technology expert witness defending companies such as Google, Juniper, Cisco, Avaya, HP, Ericsson, Samsung, Apply, Microsoft, ExSano and more.

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