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Inspire and Be Inspired

AFN's CEO Roundtables are the start of your AFN journey.  Join an intimate, hosted, online Roundtable with other CEOs where you'll have the chance to share challenges, ideas, and solutions.

There is no cost to attend a CEO Roundtable, and no advance preparation is needed. ​

Get started by completing your company profile.


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The CEOs

The CEO Roundtables are designed for CEOs of mid- and growth-stage companies to share challenges, ideas, and solutions in an authentic, collegial, and open forum.  


The panels are an opportunity for CEOs to come together, build community, share problems, demonstrate leadership, share lessons learned, and build their brands.


Prepare to Be


96% of the CEOs who participate in a roundtable would like to do so again. With over 1,600 CEOs who've applied so far, the CEO Roundtables have proven to be an invaluable experience, providing CEOs with first-hand knowledge of the opportunities AFN membership can provide through collaboration and connection. 


If you're a CEO and want to apply to participate, please complete a company profile here.  (Note that you must qualify and that acceptance is not guaranteed.)  Once approved, you don't need to prepare anything to be on the CEO Roundtable - just come with an open mind, ready to engage in a stimulating conversation!

Turn Change Into Your Advantage

The only constant in life is change. Yet change can provide opportunities if you’re able to pivot. Inspired leadership is the key to success in today’s changed business environment. 


Join our CEO Roundtables with other leaders to discuss management, operations, strategy, people, sales, capital, and other key elements for your continued growth.


These collaborative panels put you at the center in a trusted environment where you can share, listen, and solve problems.


To participate, complete your company profile todayThis helps to ensure that we bring you together with a group of CEOs that are fit for your stage of business.



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