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Guiding Principle

You are the core of the AFN. We exist only for the benefit of our CEO Members and the AFN community.



All CEOs have their AFN Hub, groups which are guided by a spirit of trust and cooperation. The intention is for cohort members to collaborate with each other in sharing and seeking solutions to their individual challenges. Moderators and occasionally SMEs also cooperate in the collaborative and amicable tone.


Confidentiality is paramount to AFN. Each and every topic discussed in the AFN Hub meetings are completely confidential and are subject to our formal confidentiality policy defined in the AFN Membership Subscription Agreement, which is signed by every member. This enables cohort members to speak freely about their most pressing issues in a safe environment, without any fears of repercussion whatsoever.


We build an environment of interpersonal trust and mutual respect that allows members to share challenges without fear of rejection, punishment, or embarrassment. The AFN Hub is focused on communication and empathy in service to providing support. Providing this environment requires norms of actively framing discussions, inviting participation, and individuals responding productively to one another.

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SMEs are an important value driver in the AFN. All our SMEs are renowned thought leaders drawn from our global network.


Our coaches are highly experienced and certified, with extensive experience working with senior executives and executive teams.


Moderators play a key role, helping AFN Hubs operate smoothly and effectively incorporate our guiding principles. Moderators are trained and approved by Advantary.


AFN Hubs

AFN Members are formed into Hubs that are the core of your AFN experience. 


8-10 members are carefully curated using criteria to promote diversity, to the extent possible, of thought, experience, industry sector, gender, and race.



Your hub meets once per month for 2 hours each at a predetermined time based on the needs of the CEOs and the moderator.

Hub members are drawn from more than 90 countries all over the world, allowing for time zones.

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AFN membership is US$8,500 per year, fully inclusive, no surprise extras. This includes your monthly AFN Hub, your monthly 1-to-1 coaching session, curated data-driven reports and analyses, and exclusive access to our rich program of topical CEO Roundtables throughout the year.

The definitive terms are in the AFN Membership Subscription Agreement. All terms herein are subject to change without notice. 

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